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waiting at the airport

We're still here in Mexico. I'm a little sweaty, but the a/c is on. We're drinking some Tecate. Such is life. ;)

I hate packing. Sometimes it's better when most of the clothes are already dirty, but I still fold everything. And hey, space bags rock! ;)

The internet connection here at the airport isn't free, but since we're going to be here for about four hours, we'll live with the cost, eh? ;)

I can't wait to get home and upload my pictures. I took probably 30 or so pictures a day, which isn't really a lot for me. But I got some great shots, especially the sunset ones and the ones downtown.

hard rock cafe

The internet is working again! Yahoo!!! I wrote the above a couple of hours ago and I think I'll post this now before it craps out on me again. LOL!
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