Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

cloudy day

it's nothing
this solitary tear
falling slow
down my cheek
it's nothing
the misty vision
clouding the world
beyond recognition
it's nothing
the silence
lingering on my lips
telling without a word
it's nothing
the pride
holding up my chin
willing dignity in spite
it's nothing

We actually got a up a bit earlier today and walked towards the place we visited yesterday. We had lunch at Chili's. I had the steak fajitas. Pretty good.

We walked around in the shopping area, then went for drinks at Hooters. A different Hooters this time. I had a strawberry dacquiri that I think surprised the waitresses. It tasted all right. Unlike yesterday, Hooters was not crowded. A slightly creepy older guy kept one of the girls occupied. And near the time we left a large group of mostly women and children came in.

When we got back to the hotel, I picked up my MacBook and we went to the cafe for a quick link to the internet. I posted previous days (and I think I successfully backdated them!) and check some email. I even got to chat for a few minutes with my sister. :)

The day wasn't as humid and hot as the previous days, but still sweat-inducing! :)
Tags: poetry, pv
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