Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

martes en pv

standing in the sand
waiting for the water
watching the dark waves
reaching out
pulling back
so easy to step forward
beneath the stars so far
the water's crash a lullaby
beckoning the restlessness

We walked along the beach last night. Even at night the air is heavy and warm. But it's much more bearable when the waves are crashing and the water is cool on the feet.

We got up late. It's nice getting up late and not worrying about getting anywhere. We decided on downtown today, so we took a taxi and got dropped out at Hooters. Even though we went to Hooters the other day, we didn't eat anything. So today I had a Corona, chicken wings, and onion rings. Not too bad!

We walked around the shops and stopped at a few. I bought a couple of pair of shorts (better for the house than anything). While we were walking around, the hubby recognized Rasheed Wallace and Steve Smith with their families. How funny is that? :D I wonder if a lot of people recognized them.

We had drinks at Carlos O'Brian's. I had a large strawberry dacquiri. Yum! Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel where I had two pina coladas while we played a couple of games of pool.

And here we are back in our room where the a/c is cranked up and baseball is on the tv. Braves vs Dodgers, 5-3 Atlanta.
Tags: poetry, pv
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