Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

lunes en puerto vallarta

Es muy caliente aqui! ;) Actually, it's mostly freakin' HUMID! I think I could stand the heat if it weren't for that interesting humidity. :P

the air so heavy
the sweat dripping down the back
the sun blazing bright

We woke up late today, but hey, it's our vacation. ;) We ordered room service again and the hubby vows that it will be the last time. Room service isn't quite up to par. But at least the room is nice to hang out in! ;)

Oh, last night we were getting into the sleepy mode and CSI:NY was on. I commented, jokingly, that maybe it was the episode that Greg was in. Guess what? It was! LOL! I thought that was a bit funny. And nice, of course. I always like seeing him on tv. ;)

This morning, while we waited for room service, we watched a long episode of The Pretender. Now I want to look up the show and figure out what was going on! :P

We headed out and hoped that the maid service would get to our room (they did!) and walked (yes, walked) down the Lans/Gigante complex. It's almost like a mall, but a bit oddly constructed. We walked around the mall and at one point we smelled movie theatre popcorn. We followed the scent and came upon the CInemark. Fantastic Four was starting in fifteen minutes, so we decided on that one. After all, movie theatres are air conditioned. ;)

I was the only woman in the auditorium when the trailers started. Ye gods! Don't the men work? :P Anyhoo, the movie was all right. Seeing Jessica Alba's eyes as blue when in the previous movie they were brown was a bit disconcerting. The movie certainly doesn't compare to Live Free or Die Hard (which I would have watched again if it was showing there).

After the movie we walked around and stopped for a late lunch at Pizza Hut. After the couple's combo, we went into Gigante (a kind of Wal-Mart) and bought a few things. Then it was the not so long walk back to the hotel.

I don't know how people deal with the humidity! It's utterly drenching! And draining. :P

Now we’re cooling off in our room while the US plays Paraguay. We’re losing 3-1. :(
Tags: poetry, pv
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