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Not sure when I'll post this, but here we are with more from July 1st. :)

(Oh, and I just realized that Xjournal can save posts on the hard drive. Now I might not even use Word. LOL!)

1 July 2007 / 1712 hrs local time

I managed to post my first entry from Puerto Vallarta, but really no telling when I’m going to do that again. I wish I could have added some pictures, but I hadn’t even put any pictures on my computer yet! Oh well. ☺ (I’m working on that right now, so maybe pictures for the next post?)

We decided to head into town today and took a taxi. I pretty much go and not worry about the CRAZY driving I have so far witnessed. It could give a person a heart attack. LOL! But they get us where we want to go, so no complaints from me!

The taxi dropped us in front of the Hard Rock Café. We had lunch there. I had a strawberry dacquiri and for lunch I decided on the Three Cheese Twisted Mac with Chicken (or something like that) and it was good. My tummy didn’t like it too much afterwards, but I survived. ;) It wasn’t very crowded. We were seated in front of the stage, behind which were three stained glass windows each depicting one rock and roll legend. Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Elvis was in the center, as befit The King. ;)

We decided to take a walk along the boardwalk. Humid and hot, but breezy too. We passed Hooters on the way, but went over the bridge and found a Senor Frog’s official store. Ah, air conditioning! We bought a few things, then walked back and stopped in at Hooters.

We were both quite sweaty at that point and went to the bar for a couple of Corona’s. Again, not too busy. I wonder why. Maybe because it’s Sunday? I bet it’s busy when the cruise ships are in. :P

We decided to head back to the hotel after our stop at Hooters, so another adventurous ride in a taxi. LOL! Truly, it’s not that bad. It’s just silly. ;)

We sat in the sports bar here for a bit. I had a Coke, then switched to pina colada. After drinks, we decided to head down to the deli, which also has the internet café and I posted my first Puerto Vallarta entry.

We are now back in our room enjoying the a/c. The sun has finally stopped shining on the balcony I might go out there now and enjoy the hopefully cooler breezes. I finished my book (Neil Gaiman’s STARDUST) and I might re-read it because I think I missed a few things. LOL!

I just backed up my pictures (they are now on the computer, my external drive and a flash drive). Can’t be too cautious, eh?

Today’s purchases (besides food): Hard Rock Café baseball cap (hubby), Senor Frog’s lighter (hubby), Senor Frog’s purse (me).
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