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internet cafes rock!

Hi folks! We're in the internet cafe just a walk away. Yeehaw! Hope everyone is well! :D

Here are my entries for the yesterday and earlier today. BTW, it costs $4 for 30 minutes of internet service. Yikes! ;)

30 June 2007 / 2155 hours, local time

After a LONG DAY of traveling, we finally made it to Puerto Vallarta and to our hotel, Villa del Palmar. It’s HUMID here.

The flights were all right. It’s a little rough having a 6am flight and you would think everything would be on time starting so early, but not so. Both our flights were delayed in leaving, but ended up landing nearly on time. I slept through a lot of it. Thank goodness!!!

When we finally got here to the Villa del Palmar, the hubby had to wait in line to check in and then we had to listen to a little sales pitch before we finally got to our room, 2416. Oh bless AIR CONDITIONING! The room was nicely chilled when we stepped in. Ahhhh.

We checked out the grounds a bit before having our first meal of the day at Cucina Restaurant. I had nachos. They were good, but probably because I was so freakin’ hungry by that time. LOL!

And now night has fallen and the people next door have already irritated us. They slammed the door and went down the hall to have a whispered argument. But now it’s quiet. Let’s hope it stays that way!

let the days pass slow
let the air take hold
let the sun shine bright
let the clouds float white
let the nights linger cool
let the stars shine and woo
let adventures bring sleep
let the dreams lull sweet

1 July 2007 / 0942 hrs, local time

I’ve finally taken a shower! :D I probably should have taken one last night, but I was just too freakin’ tired. The hubby is still asleep. Maybe I should wake him up. Anyhoo, the shower was fine. It’s always never as good as home, but it did the job here. ☺

The tv has been on all night. ESPN2, I think. Except it’s in Spanish. There are some English stations here, including New York’s ABC channel 7 and KTLA’s channel. Not that we should spend so much time in room that we actually watch stuff, eh? Although last night we watched most of SPEED. Love that movie! LOL!

Although I don’t mind most things here so far, I am a bit disappointed by the internet situation. If I had known I probably wouldn’t be able to get online unless by internet café, I would have just left the laptop at home and done my journaling the old-fashioned way—by paper! LOL! But now my wonderful MacBook has been reduced to me just using the Word program and probably the iPhoto program. Alas!

morning shines so bright
the sky above blue and clear
the beach beckons now
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