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I promise
I haven't forgotten you
the sweet and shy smile
the tentative eyes
the nervous lilt to your voice
I promise
I could never forget you
the easy way we fell
the tickling laughter
the way the minutes stilled
I promise
I won't ever forget you
though our paths diverged
you fill my dreams
leaving me unsettled
I promise
I haven't forgotten you
in spite of the silence between us
regardless of each day that passes
I remember you

I just realized that I imagine that poem above spoken by two different people taking turns at each "I promise." Does it make sense?

I've been doing laundry since I got up this morning. I will have a lot of folding and a lot of ironing to do later. Bah!

I also bathed the two little dogs.

wet dog

Saffy hates when she gets a bath!!! ;) And I sometimes feel bad because she looks so sad when she's all wet. She doesn't look like my Saffy at all! The dachshund, on the other hand, looks exactly the same wet or dry. LOL!

I'm looking forward to our time away. Sometimes when we're on vacation, I like to think of it as a break from real life. Sure, all our troubles and whatnot are still there when we get back, but then we have this wonderful time to look back on. I intend on savoring the moments away. I'm sure I won't have a hard time relaxing once we get there. :)

3 sleeping dogs

Holli is a cuddler. :) Meggie doesn't mind. Saffy likes to pretend she's sulking. LOL!
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