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Looking forward to Game 6

Mulder with bat in hand (AP Photo)

We're going to TiVo tomorrow's game and watch it when we get home. We can skip the pesky commercials. I must remember not to turn on my computer when I get home or have my Treo out (it gets my game alerts). Can I resist the lure of technology? I hope so!...

I am so utterly sad about Bill King's passing. When I first started following the A's, Bill King was THE VOICE that guided me through the games on the radio. He was the comfort of my summers long ago. I will miss him and the way he called the game. I can't even imagine turning on the radio and not hearing him call the game. Journey well, sir...

I'm currently downloading some tunes from iTunes. I purchased Devil Doll at the suggestion of one surabufix. So far sounds good. ;) I also purchased Shakira's latest single (even though I'm going to buy her CD for sure when it comes out) and Janine Jansen's The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. All girls. Hmmm.

William Gregory Lee as Ambrosius in Dante's Cove

wahlee was VERY GENEROUS and did screencaps of WGL from Dante's Cove for my website. THANK YOU WAH!!! Of course, there's one shot I couldn't post but I will say it's rather, ummm, suggestive. ;) We found the ep, btw. Waiting for it to finish...

I can't remember the last time I wrote so much to my LJ...
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