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free monday

This time next week, I'll be in Puerto Vallarta. SWEET!!!

I had the STRANGEST dream right before it was time to wake up. (Actually, I don't have a time that I must get up, but anyhoo!)

I was in a restaurant (or coffee shop?) and I had to go to the bathroom. People were in line to get seats for the restaurant (or to order their stuff). I went to the bathroom, which was relatively clean (they're usually dirty when I have dreams of them) and I went into a stall. There was toilet paper stuffed in the toilet and I got annoyed and went into a different stall. The door didn't quite close, but the toilet was clean. I tried to close the doors (it was like a double door thing), but I had to be precises and I couldn't quite get it done because there was a garment bag hanging on each door and I actually had to get those two latched to close the door. (Dreams can be so weird!) Anyhoo, the garment bags were actually money bags! One of them was open and I could see the money inside.

I tried to handle my business while I figured out what to do with the bags. They were too big for me to carry out alone, but I could take some of the money and who would know? I wondered if there were cameras in the bathroom and if the hanging garment bags filled with money were a test. I seriously didn't know what to do! And what was worse was I couldn't handle my bathroom business!!!

I woke up before I did anything with the money.


And now I wonder why I dreamt such a thing. LOL!
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