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utter freedom

do you feel it
finally like a breeze
fresh and sweet
oh lovely relief
utter freedom
ready to roam
eager to savor
ready to wander
eager to relax
time fluid and constant
but slower and light
thoughts bright
with laughter soft
do you feel it

Also known as the last day of work. I am now on SUMMER BREAK!!! I wish I could promise not to gloat too much, but it's such a sweet feeling right now. :)

I caved in and bought myself a permanent account. CRAZY!

The PC was wiped clean and I got to test my back up external drive. Worked great! I still have all my music, which was very important to me. :D Yah!

I could have sworn I had more to say.

Oh yeah, we started watching Hex last night! We have the first season on DVD and wow, it's a cool show. Maybe I just like all the scenery. I don't know. It's pretty neat-oh though. Plus I love the British accents. LOL!
Tags: poetry
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