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think you've got it all
everything yet nothing
worth heartache inside

group shot
our group shot

We had those really great seats again. Rockin'!  Highlights?  Let's go bullet style.
  • This time we brought our friends Bryan and Shane.  They had a good time, I think.  They both liked the seats.  I know I loved our seats very much!
  • The A's players were definitely more interactive than the Cardinals players from the other game we went to.  Shane and Bryan and the girls next to Shane managed to chat up a few of the players, including Marco Scutaro, Jason Kendall, Mark Kotsay, Lenny DiNardo, and Nick Swisher.
  • Scutaro gave us the lowdown on Travis Buck when Buck didn't show for his second time at the plate.  (He injured his thumb when he made a catch in the outfield.)
  • Swisher chews and replied with his brand when the girls asked.
  • Kendall seemed amused by Bryan and managed a few words.
  • DiNardo seemed to like the attention from the girls.  ;)
  • Kotsay explains Crosby's "grouchiness" (big file, it'll take time to download) - The gals in front of us wanted to know why Crosby was a bit grouchy.  Kotsay told them that Bobby doesn't like to talk when he's working.  You can hear Shane in the conversation as well.
  • After the game, we saw Jason Kendall getting into a limo with his wife.  Neat!  :D
  • And in the parking lot, we thought we might have seen Eric Chavez and his wife making their getaway.
I took LOTS of pictures.  Before I go to sleep, let me post a few of the good ones.

Go A's
the building across the street from the Willie Mays Gate


Jason Kendall amused

Marco giving us the word on Buck

I think Lowry's looking at me
let's pretend Lowry's looking at me


Lou Seal
Lou Seal

me after the game
me after the game

And more photos can be found here.
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