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feeling so weary

feeling so weary
sleep hovering overhead
ready to take me

It was an odd day, but not so bad.

getting ready to march
the graduates getting ready to march

My graduation duty was taking the VIP tickets.  I was at the unbusy gate.  Woohoo for me!  :D  I was facing the very warm sun and silently thanking up above for the cool wind whipping through.

self portrait

I cut out about an hour into the graduation.  I couldn't hear a thing and I felt slightly detached from the whole event.  The only time I slightly connected was when the seniors were passing by.  I caught sight of four kids I knew and they actually noticed me standing off to the side.  :)  It was nice seeing them.  I felt proud.  :)

Oh, this YorkiePoo caught my eye.

furry onlooker
Tags: lhs, poetry
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