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even as the sun paces the sky

just a bit ahead
sunshine bright
the cove waits
a splash hit
a pitching masterpiece
cheering loud
green and gold
hearts across the bay
visiting the pretty park
just a bit ahead
cool water breezes
sparkling outside
green grass inside
cracking the bat
hitting the glove
run fast, swing hard
time has no hold
even as the sun paces the sky

The last day of school was interesting.  I don't think I've spent more time watching students like I did today.  YE GODS!

I'm going to do overtime tomorrow!  I'm helping with graduation, so that will be fun.  Maybe.  I might take pictures of the crowd of kids.  I bet it will be chaos!  Oh fun.  :P

I'M GOING TO THE A'S/GIANTS GAME ON SUNDAY!!!  The hubby called me and gave me the very good news.  We're sitting in the same seats as we did earlier this season.  That means I'm going to get AWESOME pictures of my A's boys.  I cannot wait!!!  Zito pitches the day before, so I won't get any pictures of him on the mound.  Tis okay.  I'll catch him from across the way...  I will be sporting my green Mulder jersey.  ;)  I keep thinking that I should get a new jersey, but I'm a bit stuck on which player I want to wear.
Tags: baseball, poetry
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