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I can make it hurt

I can make it hurt
make you squirm
wanting it
fighting it
needing it
keeping it
hidden inside
the darkest place
bereft of light
swimming nearly lifeless
I will make it hurt
make you cry
faking it
taking it
throwing it
twisting it
until it's something new
forbidden to touch
out of your reach
I can make it right
make you surrender
until you almost crumble
down to your knees
broken and weeping
because I made you hurt

My poetry has had an odd flavor to it these past few days. I'm not really sure what it means, but I'll just go with it. ;)

Holli and her monkey
Holli and the monkey

It's an odd picture, isn't it? :P  I think it's the monkey with its butt up that makes it funny.  LOL!

me and my tattoo

Like my tattoo? I do! And sometimes I just want to get another one. LOL!
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