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she was poison in a kiss

officially he never knew
how she screwed his heart
twisting the knife and laughing
tearing his goodness apart
he took her lies as truth
accepting all of the blame
he cracked his tough boy facade
never knowing the rules of the game
she took him for everything
shattering his fragile trust
she used him for anything
leaving him broken in the dust
but he would never know
he wasn't the one to blame
she was poison in a kiss
the dirt smothering the flame

Holli kisses
Holli kissed me

We went to Stoneridge before going to dinner at Hana Japan.  The mall wasn't so bad.  After buying something for my Mom, we went to Bath and Body Works and I got some stuff.  I got a three pack of the new 3-in-1 shampoo/body wash/bubble bath stuff.  It all smells good.  I hope it works well!

Dinner was delicious, as usual!  We had the same chef dude as the last two times we were there.  He's a bit of a dud.  Where's the enthusiasm?  As my dad said, he's a bit clumsy too.  Ye gods!

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