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A's vs Giants on Friday night

another night time game time view
the view from our seats at last night's game

Well, it wasn't a good game if you're a Giants fan.

I still love Barry Zito. And even though he's on another team, I still wish him good outings. I might not love him as much as Mark Mulder, but I still have a great affection for Zito.

But I love my A's more.

So love Zito as I do, I was quite delighted with last night's game because my A's won. They kicked ass! :)

still doesn't look right
Zito on digital zoom

It still doesn't look right, Zito in a Giants uniform. But I'll get over it.

hit it!
hit the ball!

Zito on the mound, Chavez at the plate.  I like the way the ball is mid-flight.  :)

Zito had a bad inning
Zito finally finished out the 1st inning

I did feel bad for him. I did!

He's one of my favorites
I like catchers

Or maybe I just like A's catchers.  LOL!

I like catchers
Melhuse warming up the pitcher

I like Melhuse too.

35, 077

We were part of a sell-out crowd. Rockin'!


It's good to see him playing. :)

Marco Scutaro at the plate

I always think it's funny when they hold the bat that way. ;)

the end score
Woohoo A's!

Want to see more pictures?  Go look here at my Flickr.

Oh, and here's the 7th inning stretch...

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