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stealing a beat before breaking apart

sunlight flickering on the swaying leaves
rustling softly from the springtime breeze
dusk falls too soon as the sun drops low
the evening moves in steady and slow
the warmth of day turns to cool of night
dreams beckon as the stars shine bright
the perfect moment stills the heart
stealing a beat before breaking apart

Jericho was cancelled.  I'm so frickin' annoyed about it!  I watched every single episode this season and this is my reward?  Why does this remind me of when FOX cancelled John Doe?  Oh wait, because it's the same thing!

Why do I even start watching new shows?  I should just wait until they get a go on the second season and just watch the first season on DVD.


We had a staff appreciation luncheon today.  It was delicious!  My co-worker got some very good news today but I can't say what.  And even though I'm super happy for her, I'm sad for me.  I'm selfish.

Oh, I have plans for my summer break!  We are going here.  :D

Holli relaxed
Holli is a funny doggie, eh?
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