Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

it's never goodbye

it's never goodbye
turning away
promising farewell forever
the path twisting
each step to the unknown
leading to perhaps
yet another familiar hello
it's never goodbye
even with tears falling
vows turn into lies
when stories turn to epics
revealing reasons
whispering forgotten secrets
it's never goodbye

Love my new banner?!  I DO!!!  Thank you to the most wonderful wahlee !!!

I love watching the A's in HD.  Swisher looks good.  LOL!

But better than watching the A's in HD is watching the A's LIVE.  We're going to the game on Friday!!!  I am super excited.  The Giants are coming to town and Zito is supposed to pitch.  Can it be?  I'm bringing the camera with the 10x zoom.  :)  Can't wait!!!  Although it might be fun bringing the new camera.  Hmmmm.
Tags: poetry
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