Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

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ready to take flight

the release so close
destiny waiting to soar
ready to take flight

It was a cooler day but I must still thank goodness that we have a/c at work.  Yah!  :)


It was Teacher Appreciation Day and my AP brought breakfast goodies.  I had a donut.  ;)  I hope the teachers enjoyed it.

Work was otherwise all right.  My desk is too small.  I feel like I'm unnecessarily cluttered.

I want to change my layout here but I still want to keep track of my visitors.  Why can't I easily add a counter to my LJ?  I guess I can do that whole post out of order thing and keep a private post on top, etc.  I wonder if that works.  I'll try it with my other LJ first.  LOL!

ETA: I'm such a nerd, I switched my LJ layout.
Tags: poetry
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