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gliding smooth

whisper soft
love's delight
gliding smooth
so sweet tonight
tomorrow's promise
so far away
forever etched in now
the breeze a gentle sway
silver shadows
cool against skin
the moon so aglow
inviting desire in

I've had a good bday. I'm watching the Warriors game right now. :)

Thank you to all who sent bday wishes to me. I feel so loved. Truly.

My co-worker brought cupcake cake (genius!) and cinnamon rolls. Mmmmmm!

Cupcake cake
cupcake cake!

They sang happy birthday to me. So embarrassing. But so sweet! :D

The hubby got me roses.  Awwwww!

The flowers
so pretty

The day was a little cloudy at times and ever breezy but nice!

I just let the dogs in and they were wet! It's raining now. Alas.

The Warriors better win!
Tags: babble, poetry
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