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A rant to no one on my friends list or people I've met or communicated with in real life who have happened upon my little slice of LJ cyberspace.  So please m'dears, no worries!

Wow, I got MULTIPLE visits today from Ohio.  A certain IP came more than once in a fifteen or so minute span.


I don't really care who comes here.  If you enjoy your stay here, FANTASTIC.  But if I'm so interesting to warrant so many visits, why don't you drop a comment sometime and say howdy?  I'm open to meeting new people.

On the other hand, if you're visiting because you think you're going to find something on someone else you don't know, well, take my URL and erase it from your mind.  Purge your cache, delete me from your bookmarks or RSS feeds.  And then do not come back.

Tags: stupid people
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