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leave me alone

leave me alone
you pathetic wretch
creep back into your hole
I don't need your ugliness
the stench of your disillusion
the sludge of your presence
darkening my path
I would wish you light
glaring upon your faults
staring down every lie
and laughter loud and high
piercing every absurd curse
you dare to muster
just leave me alone
there's nothing here
not for you or your kind
unwanted and pitiful

Travis Buck just hit a homerun!!!  Now the game is tied in the top of the 9th at Fenway Park.  YAH!!!

Baseball is LOVE.

I always hope that my family might happen upon my LJ and stay awhile to read my goofy posts and maybe laugh along the way.  So on that off chance, I keep most of my posts public and such.  Plus I like sharing my poetry.  ;)  I also like how my friends here can comment.  It's the super neat thing about LJ.

What I don't like?  I think the poem makes an attempt at that one.

Senior class
Class of '07

The seniors had their May meeting.  Big class, eh?  I didn't stay for the whole thing.  I think it was enough to see the E through J students.  LOL!
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