Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

broken by the unspoken

desolate and destitute
lonely down to the bone
flung so far from memory
forgotten and alone
untouchable, unreachable
fading away into a mist
broken by the unspoken
darkness cannot resist
taken without warning
erased without a word
nothing left but shadows
sorrow's cries unheard...

another shot of the hair
not so bad, eh?

It's been awhile since I've had a short cut. It was time. Plus it'll be cooler for me when summer comes along. ;) The hubby didn't believe I would get it cut short. He hasn't see it yet because he's at the Warriors game. (Let's go Warriors!)

I watched CSI:NY before the games started and saw Greg's little bit on it. :D Lookin' good. I took pictures of the tv (oh how spiffy!), so I will share later. Maybe. I'm trying to find it so that I can make screencaps. I'm devoted after all. ;)
Tags: babble, poetry
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