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Back from the east coast...

And I met Mike Bordick

We got back from our east coast visit last night. We were in Atlanta for my sister's wedding, then headed up to Baltimore to visit his grandparents as well as take in the sights at Washington DC. I have so many pictures to edit! It's going to take me so long!


THE WEDDING - My sister was a BEAUTIFUL bride and the wedding was great! I have a great new brother-in-law who already calls me "Sis," so I'm quite happy with the situation. LOL! We started off the day with our hair and make up being done at the Van Michael Salon in Norcross, then it was back to the hotel for changing, then off to the chapel for the wedding.

with my sister on her wedding day...

TURNER FIELD - But before the wedding, on our first full day in Atlanta, we checked out the home of the Atlanta Braves. My sister hooked us up with tickets to the game, as well as a pass to the 755 Club. I must say, VERY NICE. Turner Field rocks! I loved everything about it and even bought a Braves t-shirt. But only because it says HUDSON on the back. ;)

ORIOLE PARK AT CAMDEN YARDS - Oriole Park RULES! I had a chance to see the park about seven years ago or so, but it was in the off season, so I only saw it from the outside. From the inside, it's just freakin' awesome. A beautiful park. And the sight of one of my biggest baseball fanchick moments. I met Mike Bordick!!! He started his career in Oakland, which was when I totally adored him. He ended up playing a bulk of his later career with the Orioles, with a bit of the Mets and Blue Jays thrown in. ;) He was great! Nice handshake. And totally sweet. I think he was flattered by my "You were my favorite player when you were on the A's" bit. LOL!

WASHINGTON D.C. - It's horrible trying to find parking in DC, but once there, I found myself wanting to see everything and only seeing a bit of it. We thankfully managed the Air and Space Museum, the National Archives, the Lincoln Memorial, and the memorials to the Vietnam War and Korean War. I was most impressed by the Lincoln Memorial. I could have stayed there for much longer. Oh, and all that walking in the humidity just did me in!

I'm glad to be home safe and sound, but I'm not ready to let go of that vacation feeling. Know what I mean?
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