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cools a fever's heat

we think we know
the reasons why
we don't believe
what we hide inside
we smile and pretend
the days only shine
we shield our eyes
against the beat of time
in spite of the longing
not all blooms sweet
no amount of wishing
cools a fever's heat
still we think we know
following the path ahead
we'll find our fondest dream
between the lines unread

First to my friend Rachel-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Hope she had a great day.  :)

Second to Erik T-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Actually, his bday is tomorrow, but since it's already tomorrow in his part of the world, there it is.  :D

I still have the same phone numbers, but texting will be done on my other number.  We switched services, AGAIN, so I'm not on Verizon anymore.  I know, INSANE!!!
Tags: babble, erik, poetry
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