Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

elusive out of reach

holding back the inevitable
sadness threatening
too many questions
floating and flying
answers untold
elusive out of reach
waiting with patience
feeling the ache inside
pushing back despair
tears waiting to fall

Administrative Professionals Day.  I got pretty flowers!

Administrative professionals day

The kids had a short day today and start STAR testing tomorrow. Lucky them! ;) I got to leave work a bit early, so that was nice!

I think I have work gossip from my former workplace, but I hesitate to share it here. So let me just say, HHS is super lucky with its new hire. ;)

June 15
our tickets came today!!!

Did I mention we're going to the A's vs. Cardinals game in June? Oh yes. ;)

My labrador went to the vets today. We're waiting on a bone biopsy because the doctor saw something bad on her x-ray. Alas. It could be a number of things, but none of them are really good. So I'm a little sad. But I will try to keep a positive outlook.

Tags: babble, poetry
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