Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

laughing at you

laughing at you
how very cruel
the ugly blows of life
aimless plans
sifting like sand
dullness missing delight
feigning attraction
merely posing distraction
the essence of deceit
laughing at the fool
do you realize it's you
utterly missing the beat

Let's start with HEROES.



to spoil.

WOW!  I'm glad it came back and I really enjoyed re-connecting with all the characters again.  It never seems like there's enough time in that show.  I'm always upset when it ends.  I'm so hooked!!!
  • HIRO! - I love his character.  And I can't wait to see what happens in next week's ep!  Face to face with your future self, what's that going to be liked?!
  • Peter - I knew he wasn't dead.  It was neat how Claire was the one who "saved" him.  He just needed someone to take the piece of glass out of his head.  Ewwww!
  • Nathan - Pretty eyelashes.  I wonder how he feels about Claire.  I think he's torn.
  • Mrs. Petrelli - Ye gods!  What can she do?  I can't wait to find out.
  • Mr. Bennet - I loved how he was "talking" to Parkman.  Nice bit of work.  But is he really just a middle man?
  • Isaac - I'm sad.  Is he really gone?!
  • Sylar - He's so evil and yet I can't stop watching him.  The dark side indeed.
I'm sure there's more I can talk about.  But I won't.  LOL!

The hubby got tickets for the Cardinals/A's game in June.  First base side.  Field box.  As in those seats on the field.  Yeah, spiffy.  Woohoo!  :D

Oh, and the A's won today.  Love it!

The Cardinals are losing to the Reds at the moment.  But it's still early innings, so I won't worry too much.  ;)

I'm getting my hair cut on Friday.  At least shoulder length.  I just need to figure out what kind of cut I want.  Sometimes when I get this way, I want to tell that hairdresser to just do as she will.  But I'm not sure if I trust her quite so much yet.  LOL!
Tags: baseball, heroes, poetry
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