Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

the wind breezes by

the ocean rushes
rain falls steady from the sky
the wind breezes by

So here we are in Carmel-by-the-Sea.  I usually just call it Carmel.  Tis our anniversary weekend, so the hubby suggested Carmel and here we are.  :)

The Horizon Inn is lovely and just a short walk from all the shopping and restaurants and art galleries.  So even though it was a rainy morning and afternoon, we ventured out to Ocean Avenue and took in the sights as well as some steady rain.  We hit the Coach store first and bought an umbrella.  :)  Then we wandered around and checked out the stores.

my new ring

The hubby picked out the above ring at Fourtane.  I liked another ring (sapphire and emerald), but this one won me over.  :)  Plus it has my A's colors!  :D  And not bad a shot for a camera phone, eh?

We checked out the Thomas Kinkade galleries too.


We didn't buy that one. We bought the one that shows the Tuck Box, which was next door to the place we bought the painting. Does that make sense? LOL!

the tuck box
the Tuck Box next door

We had lunch at Tutto Mondo Trattoria at the recommendation of the saleslady at the jewelry store. I had the pesto alla genovese. It was delicious! I love my pasta. LOL! Oh, and the garlic bread was so yummy we had a second loaf. LOL!

tutto mondo
from our table

I was actually sitting in a booth that Clint Eastwood has sat in. There was a picture by my head of him sitting in the same spot as I was sitting in. LOL! I had the hubby take a picture with my camera. I'm too lazy to upload it right now. LOL!

I actually didn't take as many pictures as I thought I would because of the rain. Alas! But at dinner I did take some shots. Must take food pictures! LOL!

We had dinner at The Chop Shop. I had an apple martini, a caesar salad, and the filet mignon. Delicious! The service was all right. For a somewhat swanky joint, the waiter was a bit neglectful. The bussing staff was awesome though. I hope they get a good share of the tip!

the apple martini was delicious!

Carmel is really a rather lovely place. The uphill walking is a bit much though. LOL!

Oh, and the A's lost in extra innings. Where is the love?!
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