Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

sparked by a bit

tracing lightly the mark upon her skin
he murmurs the question in curiosity
did it hurt, he wonders aloud
she takes a deep breath
surprised by the intrusion
yet oddly intrigued by his interest
she shrugs her shoulders
feeling his touch again
explains the pain as worthy
as amusement lights his eyes
the hum of the bar crowd fades
their conversation deepens
sparked by a bit of skin art
calling subtle from the shoulder

Sometimes my poetry just doesn't make sense. LOL!

It's always a bummer when it's the last day of a long weekend.  Know what I mean?

I woke up early and went to work with the hubby.  Mostly 'cause we thought the cleaning lady was going to be here today.  But she didn't do the house today.  Bummer.

I put lots of pictures up from Easter Sunday.  They're post at my Flickr here.  And isn't this one the cutest?

me and the goddaughter
with my goddaughter
Tags: babble, poetry
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