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drifting along

drifting along
unforgotten dreams
nip the conscious
refusing to settle
drifting along
unspoken words
tie the tongue
pushing for freedom
drifting along
unbidden longing
wraps intentions
leading to regrets
drifting along

I am so sleepy right now! I haven't been feeling right for the past couple of days. I feel a little outside of myself. If that makes sense.

why am i awake?
early morning fog

I went to work with the hubby fully intending to visit the old job and say hello to a couple of people.  But I didn't feel right for some reason and I instead just hung out with the hubby until we left for the day.

We had lunch at Red Robin, then came back to the house to watch LOST.

I had dinner with my cousin and her husband.  SUSHI!


I love sushi. LOL!

Right now I wouldn't mind going to sleep but it's poker night here. Alas for me! :P
Tags: photos, poetry
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