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beckoning the soul

sweet surrender calls
beckoning the soul to rise
the heart waits to beat

still along vasco
somewhere along Vasco Road

We were driving back after watching 300 on Friday.  I think I'm going to take my camera everywhere I go.  LOL!  ;)

green hills
green hills, blue skies, white clouds

Not bad for a shot while driving, eh?  LOL!  Here are more:

green land, blue sky
Springtime most glorious...

tree shadows
I'm glad I wasn't driving...

We're watching the Cardinals and the Mets right now.  HD rocks.  The Cards are losing right now, 5-1.  BAH!  We also caught the tail end of the A's game earlier today.  They won over the Giants.  :)

I'm writing this from something called Deepest Sender.  I'm still on the look-out for an LJ client for the Mac.  (I never use the one at LJ.)  The one that works best for me is Semagic, but it's Windows only.  Alas!
Tags: photos, poetry
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