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Sunday musings

April is my favorite month, but I'm not sure I can say April 1st is my favorite day. All these online April Fool's jokes are killin' me! LOL! I can't read anything at Engadget or Gizmodo and take it seriously. Shoot, I can't even go to Gmail without getting something goofy there. (Umm, Gmail Paper?!)

bobby, swish, richie, kendall

I love taking pictures of the tv. LOL!

richie, swish, bobby, chavez

zito on top, byrnesie on the bottom

I'm still not sure how I feel about Zito. I still love him, I suppose. But darn it! And I'm just AMUSED that Byrnes has a show in Arizona. LOL! They must love him. Goofball.

I'd write more, but I'm super hungry now!
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