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flowers in the wind

fluttering downward
swaying aimless with the wind
flowers in the wind

rose in sping
a backyard rose

yellow flower
I love yellow in spring
Taking a crack at the macro feature.

waxing moon in spring
waxing moon in spring
I like the mix of moon and flowers. :)

the backyard in the afternoon
The flowers are in focus and the background not. The camera did that.

meggie & saffy
Meggie & Saffy

I let the dogs roam around while I took pictures. They love the backyard, but they would destroy it if we let them play out there all the time. :P

saffy in motion
Saffy in motion

holli fetches
Holli with a stick

Meggie is happy to be out

I post more pictures to my Flickr. Go there for more doggie goodness. ;)
Tags: photos, poetry
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