Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

washing dreams away

trickling from above
raining down on springtime's glow
washing dreams away

Sometimes a list is just the trick.

  • Woke up at my usual time so that I could drive to work with the hubby. At least it wasn't raining while I was driving.

  • Visited YVHS and caught some gossip. Love the gossip. Too bad I can't mention too much here. ;) Promises made. Oh, and got my girl scout cookies!

  • Chatted with the office folks at the hubby's job.

  • Had a FABULOUS lunch at Back Forty. Yum, yum, yum!!! Meat is good. So are onion rings. And mashed potatoes.

  • Checked out that camera. Wanted the camera.

  • Spent the rest of the work day at work, but I didn't do much.

  • Went back to Back Forty for carry out.

  • Best Buy. Exilim EX-V7. Mine.

  • Onward home to rescue the doggies and eat the delicious carry out. Mmmm, more meat!

Now it's time for sleep...
Tags: poetry
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