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to you

the tears fall
I cry
unseen by all
you're gone
most days
the memory fading
I'm alone
some days
the memory too vivid
the laughter rings
passing by
a breeze that sings
you're gone
I'm alone
eyes raised up
towards the stars
to the mystery of the heavens
to you

I wonder if remembering will always release the bit of poetry in me...

The kids are out of school for two whole weeks! Glorious. I don't have to worry about ironing my clothes next week. And then I get a week off. Most wonderful!!! :D

Here's something I heard at work:
"This is why my kid is going to school across the street-- because this school can't keep the kids in class."

Something like that.

What he's really saying is:
"My child doesn't know how to follow the basic rule of staying in class and instead of blaming him for making wrong choices, I'm going to blame the school for not forcing him back into class."

Right. Because the school told the kid, "Hey, why don't you go ahead and cut class so that your parents can blame us instead of you. Because you know, you're not responsible for any of your actions even though you're on the brink of adulthood."

People are stupid.
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