Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

welcome to the world

you are the gift
love personified
an entity breathing
a miracle stirring
you are the gift
laughter at its best
tears worth falling
pain worth enduring
you are the gift
softly sleeping
still unseeing
warm with promise
you are the gift
the world just for you
the future an adventure
waiting for your light
you are the gift

Actually, he was born yesterday. 7 lbs 10 oz. in Oahu. Mommy is Sheena and Daddy is Gabe. :) I won't meet the new addition for a couple of months, I think. Maybe next month? I'll take picures of him then.

slc 2
my desk at work!

This is my desk right now. My co-worker and I are probably going to move things around during break. :)


We had dinner at Haps last night. I had the filet mignon pictured above. It was delicious. :) I'm such meat eater, I know.

I shouldn't have ordered dessert, but I did. Too bad I couldn't eat all of it!


Not bad for low light, eh? I love my camera phone! :) Still isn't as lovely as that one Nokia I used while I was in Hawaii, but it's quite nice nonetheless.

And so here I am in the middle of the weekend. Best time of the week. LOL!
Tags: poetry
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