Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

when it's nothing

when it's nothing
not a touch
not a whisper
not even a thought
when it's nothing
not a smile
not a nod
not a simple hello
when it's nothing
not a light
not a twinkle
not even a glance
when it's nothing
just invisible
just ignored
just neglected
when it's nothing
but sharp pieces
shattered without definition
broken near to dust
blown into nothing...

spoiler space follows just in case



f a r a w a y...

My thoughts on Heroes in bullet form:

  • Mrs. Petrelli knew all along about Claire?! What else does she know? Everything? Aaaaack!
  • Poor H.R.G.! :( I feel so bad for him. Each episode reveals his deep sense of family and his protective nature. He only wanted to keep Claire and his family safe. Now what for him?
  • Oh Mohinder! He actually had the upper hand with Sylar for just a little bit. And I totally loved it! And then freakin' Sylar outsmarted him. Ugh!
  • Sylar makes me mad but I can't help being intrigued too. Dear me!
  • Is Nikki trying to gain control from Jessica? I hope so!
  • Ando! Kickin' ass too.
  • Hiro! Wow, the sword really helped him. And he took Ando with him. Neat-oh.
  • Nathan's eyelashes just hypnotize me. LOL!
  • Peter, oh Peter. He seems so lost right now. And about to get his head sliced open. Maybe. :P
  • Malcolm McDowell as Linderman. Nice piece of casting. ;) I think Star Trek Generations, then remember A Clockwork Orange. Ye gods!

I feel the nervousness falling away slowing when it comes to work. I still don't know things, but I just get up and ask someone if I have a question. So far everyone has been super. :) Tomorrow I get to pass out test sheets to juniors for a test they're all taking. Fun stuff!

Here's a scary picture of Saffy. :D

Tags: heroes, poetry

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