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my last day

It almost felt like just another day. But it wasn't. First off, it was Wednesday, which meant a short day for the kids. Second, it was my last day at YVHS. When I had time to think about it, I felt sad. But I didn't have much time for that.

I did my best to clean up, but there is so much work still. A bunch of stuff is in the basket and I never got a chance to explain it to anyone. I left without faxing back a transcript request. I didn't turn in my parking pass. Or my ID. But oh well, eh?

A lot of people didn't know that it was my last day. I suppose I should have told the teachers, but I didn't. Everyone was so nice though. They had some really nice things to say and I am touched, so touched. Truly. I got a card from the office staff and a tealight holder. So pretty! One of the subs brought me a bag of goodies and a card. So sweet! :)

And I got one last chat with a very lovely senior (hi V!) who might get to interview someone I'd like to just say my name. Thanks for the chocolate, m' dear! It helped me along with my day.

My last half hour slowed down a bit and I made my rounds and said goodbye to everyone. Gosh, I am going to miss everyone!!! I hope we all keep in touch because I really liked a lot of the folks there. They made my days there a most wonderful experience. I'm especially going to miss the Mr. VP (he's the only "he" of the bunch) and She Who Will Hopefully Save My Girl Scout cookies. :) And I will also miss my lunchtime mates.


The last person I saw was the principal. She was so sweet. She said I was perfect and thanked me for the job that I did. She's wonderful!

And I walked out as if it were just another day. I didn't even look back. Maybe that's best...

we will meet again someday
perhaps a time not so faraway
I will always wish the best for you
for all your days, in all you do
we might not share the everydays
the laughter and the woes
but we can share the stories
the adventures as we go
we will meet again someday
we'll take the time and find a way
until then, here's to you
and the wonderful things you do...


I like taking pictures of Holli. She's just so funny sometimes. ;)

topped with snow

This was on the way to work at the beginning of Marsh Creek. You can see Mt. Diablo in the distance. The white stuff is SNOW! It's really an amazing sight. :)

half nelson

Go and rent this!!! Ryan was fantastic in it!!! :) (I don't have to rent it because I'm a total fangirl and bought the dvd. LOL!)

We dropped by Blockbuster to rent some movies. :)

Now I'm nervous about tomorrow. Aaack!
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