Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

the torture of the tease

do you like
the way you stop
with merely your name
falling soft from my lips
not giving way
not even a hint
the delicious heat
coursing inside
oh I like
the fierce fire in your eyes
knowing it's mine
with just a smile
innocence clashing
wickedness flashing
still not a hint
the naughty thoughts inside
so we like
this little game
this sweet prelude
to something beyond the wild
to something behind the dreams
to something like the torture of the tease

holli so still
she's so serious sometimes

A rainy Monday. It came down so hard at times. I was glad I was inside.

I had to leave work early today. Sorry to any of the kids who needed something from me after school. Ooops! :P
Tags: poetry
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