Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

believe the hints of whispers

believe the hints of whispers
nearly undetectable
hiding and flying with the wind
moving far, so far from here
listen close to the silence
surrounding like a darkness
shining so bright, too bright
deceiving the addled senses

ryan in half nelson
I'm cheering for Ryan Gosling to win tonight. I don't care about the other nominees. :P He won last night at the Spirit Awards. He brought his mom and sister. Awwwww! And he did so tonight too. I got to see his bit on the red carpet. Lucky me. :)

Congrats to my friend and her husband as they welcomed Miss Brooke Ashley into the world! Congrats M & S!!! I hope she gets to watch the Oscars as she is also a Ryan fan. :)

We watched The Prestige today. Good movie! :D

I'm excited for the Oscars. Mostly for Ryan. ;) Let's go Ryan!!!
Tags: oscars, poetry, ryan

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