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TAGGED! Or 10 Celebrities I Find Attractive

Ye gods, I got tagged by twistedkoru. Groovay. ;)

Name ten celebrities that you find attractive, then tag five of your friends. (I'm going to skip the tag part, but if you want to reply in your LJ, let me know so that I can read it too!)

GEORGE EADS (surprise? Not!)
MARK MULDER (does he count as a celebrity? Fine, he does for me!)
DOMINIC PURCELL (I'd count the days until Prison Break, but I don't know when it starts!!!)
CARLOS PONCE (it's the voice and the eyes)
WILLIAM GREGORY LEE (because I'm duly obligated to say so)
RYAN GOSLING (gentlemanly sweetness at its best)
ASHLEY JUDD (lovely lady with that beautiful voice)
SALMA HAYEK (dark beauty)
SHAKIRA (such an expressive voice and awesome body!)
RACHEL McADAMS (a star on the rise?)

Honorable mention: KEVIN TOD SMITH (a man in the heavens who brought much life and light into the world...)
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