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You Will Be a Cool Parent

You seem to naturally know a lot about parenting, and you know what kids need.
You can tell when it's time to let kids off the hook, and when it's time to lay down the law.
While your parenting is modern and hip, it's not over the top.
You know that there's nothing cool about a parent who acts like a teenager... or a drill sergeant!

I can only hope!

Your 1950s Name is:

Silvia Lois

Not sure if it's good enough for an alias.

What Your Soul Really Looks Like

You are a warm hearted and open minded person. It's easy for you to forgive and forget.

You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds.

You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you.

Your near future is calm, relaxing, and pretty much what you want. And it's something you've been anticipating for a while now.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.
Inside the Room of Your Soul

I like that one.  :)

Travel Horoscope for Taurus
When you travel, you demand the best. You desire total luxury. You want a vacation full of pampering, delicious food, and the ultimate in comfort.. You should travel:
To any Four Seasons hotel
Via a luxury cruise
To world class cities like Paris and London
To any five star spa or resort
Via a private jet

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