Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

swear to the stars

he'll swear to the stars
he loved you until the end
he'll swear to the moon
he would take you back again
he doesn't know how to stop
he doesn't know how to lie
he's true to his word
he just can't say goodbye
his mind is sound
his heart beats strong and true
his intentions are pure
but his soul needs more than you
he'll watch you walk away
swear you'll turn around
he'll wait for your shining smile
even when the lights are out...

The folks at work are so very nice. It's wonderful when you are appreciated. I will miss them. I have three more days with them...

behind the clouds

Sky shots rock, don't you think? ;)

saffy is cute

Isn't the Yorkie adorable?

I'm tired because we spent a couple of hours straightening out the house. Why does it take so long to clean a bathroom? Oh the suffering! Bah!
Tags: poetry
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