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breaking this off isn't a game
so I won't take all the blame
think it's easy for me
watching the tears in your eyes
think I don't feel
my own heart stopping inside
we both know
we're merely passing time
we both know
there's something better to find
I'll make you hate me
if it's easier that way
I'll make you see fire
too hot for even you to stay
but I won't take all the blame
when we finally stop this game...

I work and work, but I know I'm going to leave it all half undone. I feel a little bad that I won't be able to show the next person what needs to be done, but such is life. Alas!

For one short moment after school, I thought it was Friday. Ye gods!

the afternoon clouds...

It rained on the way to work and on the way home. But less so on the way home, as evidenced above. :) I'm going to miss driving home with my sweetie. Ah well.

Nascar on HDNet on my TV. Oh my. ;)

Chatting with my 9 months pregnant Canadian friend. CRFFF, when is that baby coming out? (Not sure if she'll read this, but she knows who she is if she does!)

ETA: Oh, the hubby scored two tickets to The Police concert. Neat, eh? Do we go or make a profit? Hmmmm.
Tags: poetry, yvhs
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