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maybe that day

he sees her picture
he stops inside
it rushes back at him
her half smile
her eyes just for him
her soft touch
he cries inside
the memories a flood
holding hands
sharing vows
their first kiss
he shakes inside
questions rising again
why did she walk away
why couldn't he hold on
when did it go wrong
he turns from her picture
takes a breath
one day he'll move on
one day he'll forget
one day love will find him
maybe that day he'll hold on...

I think it's a bummer that I can't visit myspace at work. I wonder if it will be different at the new job. Probably not! ;)

I did a quiz/bulletin forward thing at my myspace. Got it from my niece. (And when I say niece, I mean the daughter of one of my cousins. My sister has not yet had little ones, so I don't have "proper" nephews or nieces. Just so you know.) Anyhoo, the bulletin forward thingy is about the top boy and girl on your list. Mine are my cousin and Greg. Ummm, yeah. I don't actually know a lot of the fellas on my top list. Let me look. Greg, Josh, one nephew, one husband of niece, one friend, Jared. The named ones are "actors" and I only really "know" one of them.

Oh well. ;)

Isn't it sad when you're sad for other people? The poem above is a result of me feeling sad for someone else. I don't even know if "he" really thinks like that, but it's just my perception of his situation. And someday, I might even forget who I'm talking about. LOL! ;)
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