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Quick post from the lovely Carmel...

We're taking a weekend break here in Carmel and what am I doing?  Why, watching the A's game!  A's are trailing 3-4 against the White Sox.  Bah.

The weather is sooo lovely here!  After the triple digits temps in the Central Valley, it's utterly refreshing here with the misty cool air.  We did the 17 mile drive, filling ourselves with envy as we drove past the gorgeous houses and the beautiful views.  When are we going to win the lottery?  Or better yet, the Mega Millions?!  :P

We did some shopping.  I got a new backpack type purse.  I love the Coach store!!!  :D

It's now 5-3 White Sox, still in the top of the 9th.  Get out of this boys!  Ye gods...  Nice double play!
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