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PSYCH: We watched our recording of Psych today and I was amused by the name of the missing person: Deanna Sirtis. They did that on purpose, didn't they? ;) Another fun episode. I think I'll always say that because I totally love the show and I have fun watching it.

LOST: We watched Lost on Thursday after work. Desmond!!! :D I like him, but only with the scruffiness. He looks odd clean shaven. LOL! The end rocked. I kept thinking that Desmond had some kind of connection to Claire or the baby, but it's Charlie! Poor Charlie. Dear me!

CSI: Nick with a gun. Rockin'. And who the hell is the miniature killer?! I wanna know!!!

THE OFFICE: I almost cried when Michael was in the art gallery with Pam. It was probably one of the most touching moments of the show. He was such an ass the rest of the ep (as always) and he ended up redeeming himself in a way with that last scene... And the bat in the office! LOL! Jim is crazy and Dwight is a freak. LOL!... A great ep directed by Joss Whedon. ;)

HALF NELSON: Ryan Gosling stars in this movie as a teacher with a drug habit. Interesting movie. Not my usual fare, but Ryan was great in it, of course.

Does he deserve an Oscar for his performance? Well, it was definitely worthy of a nomination. And as a good fangirl, I might say that he definitely has a chance to win. But the way things are in Hollywood and given his age (the youngest of the bunch), I say his chances are slim. We shall see. ;)

I have more pictures at my website. Half Nelson An online marketing company sent me a link and I can use the materials on my site. I should probably update my Ryan site. Dear me. LOL!
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