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a little love

start the spark
let it glimmer in the wink
drop the hint
let it flavor the words
tease the heart
let it quiver in wonder
when it blooms
when it burns
when it conquers
a little love goes a long way

So, did everyone have a good Valentine's Day? Freakin' greeting card holidays. LOL!

My day began thusly: I was a tangled web of nerves on the way to work. I tried not to feel so anxious. But how could I not when in my stuff was a letter addressed to the principal announcing my resignation? And so I felt super nervous. And it was making my head hurt. :P

A bit around 8am, I went to the front office and gave the letter to the office manager. First reaction was like an "oh no!" and then reluctant acceptance. Overall, the response to my notice has been a mix of sadness and happiness. Everyone has just been so wonderful to me and I will be sorry to leave. But I must do what is best for us and this is it. I will miss everyone. Alas!

happy valentine's day!

And today was Valentine's Day. So chocolates arrived at different points of the day. :P

more candy!

I left the chocolates at work though. Aaaack!


Even got a rose! From Cheer. Awww. :)
Tags: poetry, yvhs
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