Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,


I've got my Trillian on.  I was feeling sleeping.  I was going to turn it off.  Then it made that noise.  You know, the noise that says either someone has logged off or someone has logged on.  In my case, someone has logged on.

Do I go ahead and send a "Howdy!" IM to my friend who hasn't answered the last ten or so IMs from me?  Or do I quietly turn off Trillian and head to bed?

I'm such a glutton for punishment!

He's probably not going to answer me.  Shoot, it might not even be him.  It's probably his wife and she's probably thinking I'm some kind of maniac.  She doesn't respond to his contacts, so that's a good thing.  Although I wouldn't mind knowing it's her.  It's better than thinking he's ignoring me.

Wow, do I sound like I stress about this?  I don't, I swear!  If he IMs back, it's cool.  If he doesn't, that's cool too.  No biggie.  Really!

Yeah, I wouldn't believe me either...

Oh wait, he replied!  Ahhh, he's sweet.  :)  He's busy, of course.  No worries, I told him.  And I mean it!

In other news...  I'm going to quit my job.  How utterly stupid is that?  I have a job with good benefits, good hours, decent workmates, and interesting situations.  Of course, I work in a jail, wear a smurfy blue polyester uniform, and witness utter stupidity at every turn.  Hmm, evens out, eh?

But really, I'm going to be sad to leave.  I will miss most of my workmates and I will miss the steady flow of work.  Oh, and I'll miss the paycheck!  :P

I will not miss the drive, the stupid upper management, or the food in staff dining.

I'll miss the fellows.  My guys.  Alas!

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