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Fun at yesterday's game...

I had a GREAT time at the game last night. The game zipped by! Suddenly it was the freakin' top of the 9th and I felt just a little sad. Then Duchscherer decided that it would be fun to make the end a bit of a nail biter. Ye gods! But the end was lovely. ;)

A few things I remember (and forgot to note in my MJazz blog): Country music blared out during the Giants' workout. I liked it (especially since I knew every song they played) but I don't think I remember country playing so much at the Coliseum. LOL!... Parker Newton, Senior Account Manager, Luxury Suites, has a cool business card. I want my own A's business card! LOL... I bought a new zip up sweatshirt/jacket and a little license plate keychain that says "VALERIE". Why didn't I take a picture of my purchases?... It was a little scary going to the bathroom during the 4th inning. So many people wanting to act out their punkass dreams... One of the guys in the next suite thought one of our guests was cute or something, but couldn't remember her name. How did they even meet? LOL... Attendance was 40,485 and the time of game was 2:25...

Did I mention I took LOTS of pictures? Yeah, check them out at your own risk. LOL!

Photos from Friday's game
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